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Collaborative for
Innovative Education

Like-minded schools working together globally to make a difference in the lives of students

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Why us,
Why now?

Six schools working together around the world.

Our Mission

The Collaborative for Innovative Education connects innovative schools and educators who are likeminded in vision, thought process, quality of program, and ambition to share thinking, practices, and resources around the future of innovative education.  The Collaborative’s purposes will be served as the six schools maximize the growth of every student in their care.

Why we got together

The Collaborative for Innovative Education stemmed from the idea of several heads of schools to formalize a dynamic think tank or network of likeminded educators who could collectively reflect on what is relevant in the world for student learning, engage in new conversations around the future of education, and commit to action to make a lasting impact on student experiences and outcomes.

Why us?

CIE is a small, highly curated group of interactive schools who are nimble and aggressive in tackling the core work of learning. CIE intentionally sought the membership of both international schools and globally minded U.S. independent schools with the aim of aligning opportunities outside of specific regions, acting as a collective voice for innovative education.

Our Schools